June 11, 2015

6 Tips to Get Motivated to Exercise This Summer


Summer is rapidly approaching and it can be tough to find the motivation to make exercise a priority. We all want to go out for drinks after work and hang with friends over dinner, instead of hitting the gym. And sometimes, after a stressful day, we just want to lay on the couch and binge on Netflix (I totally get it). But really, we’re sacrificing our workout time in the name of fun. So I’m going to challenge you to stop making excuses and get motivated to exercise this summer.

So here are 6 tips to get yourself into a more healthy routine… routine being the key word.


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May 14, 2015

6 Tips to Shed Stress and Help You Shed the Pounds

stressed woman at work

Apparently April was stress awareness month and I was too busy to even realize it! While stress is a normal part of life, if you are dealing with chronic stress it can begin to affect your physical and emotional well-being. Studies have shown stress can lead to weight gain and poor food choices.

Fight or flight…or chow down

The problem lies within our neuroendocrine system, a brain-to-body connection that helped our distant ancestors to survive. Think, “fight or flight.”  Today, stress is more likely to be an unpaid bill or looming work deadline than a man-eating beast, but this system still activates a series of hormones whenever we feel threatened.

The hormones released when we’re stressed include adrenalin, which gives us instant energy, corticotrophin releasing hormone (CRH) and cortisol. While high levels of adrenalin and CRH decrease appetite at first, the effects usually don’t last long.

Cortisol’s job is to help us replenish our body after the stress has passed. Cortisol increases your appetite and ultimately drives you to eat more and crave high-calorie foods. Which is why I always have a bag of plain almonds handy at work. A handful of those usually satisfies my stress cravings.

The good news is there are lots of things you can do to manage stress. Take action to reduce chronic stress and you’ll be healthier and more productive in the long run. (more…)

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May 7, 2015

5 Tips to Exercise Safely this Summer

Exercise Safely This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you but the summer heat is already here. For a lot of people, summer is one of the most active times of the year, but it also can be dangerous to your health if you are not careful. Follow these 5 simple tips to stay healthy during your workouts this summer:

Drink Plenty of Water

You should drink two glasses of water an hour before you begin exercise, and consume another glass of water every 20 minutes during your workout. Don’t wait until you are thirsty, because at that point you are already getting dehydrated. Finish up your work out with another 2 glasses of water over a 2 hour period. It may sound like a lot of water, but you’re replenishing the water you lost during your exercise in the heat.

Here are 5  tips to exercise safely this summer:

Decrease the Intensity

Heat and humidity raise your heart rate, and your body has to work harder. So maybe try some alternative forms of activity, like swimming, walking or biking.

Schedule Your Workouts

Try to schedule any outdoor exercise for the coolest part of the day. If you can’t get your full work out in before the heat of the day, try splitting up your workouts into two shorter sessions that can take place during those cooler hours.

Dress Appropriately

Wear light colored, moisture-wick clothing that is breathable. The goal is to pull moisture away from your skin, which will leave you cooler and drier. Avoid any dark-color clothing as it absorbs heat.

Acclimate Yourself

It takes the body 10 to 14 days to adjust to new temperatures, so plan your work outs accordingly as the summer heat increases. In my opinion, it’s always easier to move your workouts inside.

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April 9, 2015

Keep Active All Day; Even at Work!

For many people, work means sitting in front of a computer at a desk all day. Recent studies have shown that this can be worse for your health than you might think, even if you are active outside of work. So what can you do to stay active and healthy all day?


Take a Break

Getting up more from your desk during the day can be good for your health and your sanity. Research has shown that frequent small breaks can make most people more productive and they can help keep your waistline in check. Taking a walk at lunch is also a great way to sneak exercise into a busy schedule. It gets you outside and gives you a mental break from work.


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