December 15, 2015

Skinny Recipe: Easy Meatloaf

Homemade Ground Beef Meatloaf

Meatloaf? Really? Yes, really. Sometimes you need just an easy go-to recipe, and for me it is this recipe. Meatloaf is such a comfort food for me, and there are definitely occasions when I’m craving this entrée accompanied with mashed potatoes and green beans. This is a great dish to make on those chilly fall and winter nights when you really want to stay in and catch up on your DVR.

What is your go-to recipe?


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October 2, 2015

Skinny Recipe: Ginger Glazed Chicken

ginger glazed chicken
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Kevin Tao

The tangy and sweet flavors in this dish come together perfectly in this Ginger Glazed Chicken. The ginger and orange sauce serves a double purpose in this dish not only as a marinade but also as a glaze. Easy to make, we promise this dish will be a crowd pleasure! We also recommend garnishing the dish with fresh orange slices.


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July 24, 2015

Skinny Recipe: Grilled Fresh Tuna with Bean Salad

Photo courtesy of Flickr user lydiajoy1

Did you know you can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish?

Tuna Fish is packed full of health benefits, and nothing can quite beat the taste of a fresh tuna fillet or steak that has been grilled. I have to admit I always forget about tuna when I’m shopping for my fish dishes, but this easy grilled tuna recipe complete with garbanzo bean salad is going to start making an appearance on my weekly menu board.


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