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November 6, 2015

Skinny Recipe: Warm Spiced Fruit

We have reached the time of year that is defined by cooler weather, shorter days, flannel, crunchy leaves, bonfires, and spiced fruit. Warm Spiced Fruit is one of my favorite desserts for this time of the year, and this recipe is super easy to make. Grab some friends, create this treat, watch some football, and just enjoy the positives of this season.

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September 4, 2014

Skinny Recipe: Barley and Vegetable Casserole

Although the official start of Fall is still a few weeks away, the Halloween displays in the grocery store and the pumpkin spice in coffee shops are out in full force. Surprisingly, the leaves are already starting to change in Atlanta even though it’s still above 80 every day. All of this change is making me chilly nights on the couch curled up watching a movie. So last night I turned down the AC and pretended it was already Fall with this wonderfully hearty barley dish and a copy of Spider-Man 2.

This is the perfect dish for the transition between fresh Summer vegetables and hearty Fall grains. Just one cup of cooked barley provides the same amount of protein as a glass of whole milk, so this naturally vegan casserole doesn’t need much more; but you can add a serving of chicken breast if you like. Three ounces of chicken adds about 200 calories a serving to the dish.

vegan vegetable barley casserole


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August 7, 2014

Skinny Recipe: Farmers Market Vegetable Gratin

One of the only errands I actually look forward to on the weekends is my trip to the local Farmers Market. In Atlanta, we’re lucky enough to have one in almost every neighborhood and at least one open every day of the week. They’re always chock full of beautiful local fruits and vegetables, not to mention all the wonderful small batch yogurts, cheeses and breads. We are blessed to have an incredible network of local farmers in Georgia and so I’m very excited to share this recipe as part of National Farmers Market Week.

collage of farmers market photos
Pictures from my local Farmers Market in Grant Park, Atlanta


If the Farmers Market isn’t a part of your regular routine, how about shaking things up this weekend and checking out your local market? The USDA has an easy search tool to find the closest one to you. Many people think buying from a Farmers Market is out of their budget, but prices are usually comparable to the grocery store and many markets nationwide accept SNAP benefits- sometimes even double or triple the value so you can purchase more!

So, on to the recipe right?!

summer squash and zucchini gratin
Photo courtesy Flicker user Migle


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March 22, 2013

Skinny Recipe: Make-Ahead Fresh Green Beans

Makes four servingsgreen beans


1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 medium red bell pepper, in 1/4 strips
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 1/2 pounds fresh green beans, blanched
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese


Blanching: Clean green beans. Bring a big pot of salted water to a boil. Have a bowl of ice water ready. Drop green beans into boiling water a cook for 3 minutes. Strain beans out and drop into the ice water to stop the cooking process. After a minute or two, take them out of the ice water and let them drain on some paper towels. Keep stored in the refrigerator until ready to use (within a day or two).

Finish green beans: Heat oil over high heat in a large pan. Sauté bell pepper until tender. Turn heat down to medium and add garlic, green beans, vinegar, salt and pepper. Heat until beans are warmed through. Make sure the garlic doesn’t burn. serve hot, topped with a sprinkling of grated parmesan cheese.

Nutritional Information

Calories 53
Fat 2g

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