January 12, 2016

New Dietary Guidelines…Now What?

Dietary GuidelinesBiggest news in health and eating this week seems to be the new 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines that were released last week. Released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, these guidelines are for the American public to follow and designed to help Americans eat a healthier diet. Although the edition is said to be “intended for health professionals” it does outline how we can improve our overall eating habits for the better.


January 6, 2016

Winter Equals Indoor Exercise

Winter is hard for everyone. Unless you absolutely love cold weather, which is not me, then exercising is not on the top of my list of things do during the winter months. If you want to brave the elements, then I suggest checking out these tips. For the rest of us here, are simple exercises we can do in the warmth of the indoors.

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January 5, 2016

Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

The new year is often filled with resolutions of improving habits. From working out to eating to being more organized, the focus often seems to be anything to make yourself feel better and more accomplished. I am the same. Although I like to include one thing that is an easy win. 🙂 That will be – start my day with hot tea not coffee. Win.

hot tea month


December 8, 2015

Stop a Cold in Its Tracks

A tickle in your throat. Achy body. Yep, you are coming down with something. Adults have an average of 2-3 colds per year, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With those holiday parties around the corner, you don’t have to surrender to your cold. These simple steps will have you feeling better as early as tomorrow.

  1. As you start to feel sick, start drinking water or juice. Staying hydrated cuts down on symptoms like a sore throat and stuffy nose.
  2. Gain some quality sleep. Inadequate sleep takes a toll on your immune system making you more susceptible to pick up what’s going around the workplace. If you are already feeling sick, stay home and rest. The first few days is when you are most contagious. Your coworkers will thank you later.
  3. Take a hot shower. Whether you’re coughing or sneezing, the steam from a hot shower will help loosen up the congestion in your head and chest.
  4. Gargle with salt water. Add half a teaspoon of salt to a 8-ounce glass of warm water and gargle. This will help combat a scratchy throat, and  flush out bacteria and viruses.
  5. Vitamin C. Vitamin C is proven to help shorten the duration of a cold or flu once it’s started. So if you feel a sickness coming on take a dose of Vitamin C daily for three to five days or longer.

Do you have any other tips for feeling better fast?

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December 3, 2015

Keep the Pounds Down and the Holiday Spirit Up

This morning, I listened to a podcast that talked about the most common holiday weight gain rumor, which is that during the holiday season people gain an average of 8-12 pounds from the span of Thanksgiving to New Years. 8-12 pounds! Think about that in bags of potatoes for a second…not good and hard to lose come January 1. Even if this is in fact a rumor and not based in truth – there is no question that many people struggle with unwanted weight gain around this merry season. Here are 3 simple ways to make sure you don’t pack on the pounds as you enjoy the holidays this year. (more…)