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Does Diet Soda Really Help with Weight Loss and Diabetes?

It feels like every month, some new study is out about diet soda and low calorie sweeteners. The question is, does diet soda really help with weight loss and diabetes? There are plenty of quality studies out there showing how people have used diet soda and low calorie sweeteners as a tool for controlling weight and diabetes. Continue Reading

35 Years of Data Confirms Low-Calorie Sugar Substitute Benefits

With recent headlines stirring debate about artificial sweeteners, this week brings good news for everyone watching their weight! A new review of research has confirmed that using low-calorie sugar substitutes can help you lose weight while satisfying your sweet tooth. Researchers concluded that the use of products containing sugar substitutes do not lead to weight gain or cravings. Researchers Continue Reading

Busting Low-Calorie Sugar Substitute Myths

As you’ve seen in this blog, I deal with a lot of myths and misinformation when it comes to artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame and sucralose. I try to correct them as they come up, but all the nonsense online can be hard to distinguish and remember. So, I thought you all would like a one-stop-shop blog Continue Reading

The Dr. Oz Show Still Fear Mongering Over Sweeteners

Low-calorie sweeteners do not cause food cravings or weight gain. How many times can The Dr. Oz Show beat this faulty drum? Today, they tried to scare the public over sweeteners and assert that they not only “trick” your taste buds, your brain and your stomach, but also cause you to crave food and cause Continue Reading

Don’t Fear the Sweetener: CSPI’s ‘Chemical Cuisine’ is Ridiculous

Why is it that at a time when people are trying to make smarter choices for the new year, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) feels the need to bring up unfounded fears about sweeteners? We all know by now that one of the keys to a healthy diet is limiting carbs/sugars Continue Reading