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4 Reasons to Stay Motivated to Lose That Extra Weight

If you have been making an effort to shed excess weight and you’re struggling with those next few pounds (or the last few pounds), resist the temptation to give up and go back to your old habits. When you first start to lose weight, it may seem like the pounds are melting away. However, as Continue Reading

Busting Low-Calorie Sugar Substitute Myths

As you’ve seen in this blog, I deal with a lot of myths and misinformation when it comes to artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame and sucralose. I try to correct them as they come up, but all the nonsense online can be hard to distinguish and remember. So, I thought you all would like a one-stop-shop blog Continue Reading

Top EU Food Safety Authority Reaffirms Safety of Aspartame

Today, the European Food Safety Authority released a highly anticipated review of the low-cal sweetener aspartame and it reaffirmed their 2007 opinion that aspartame is safe: Following a thorough review of evidence provided both by animal and human studies, experts have ruled out a potential risk of aspartame causing damage to genes and inducing cancer. EFSA’s experts Continue Reading

Another Review Reaffirms the Safety of Aspartame

A new review reaffirming the safety of aspartame was published in the July issue of  Food and Chemical Toxicology. The study examined the research that has been done over the past 22 years on the safety aspartame and came to the same conclusion as more than 200 other studies done over the last 30 years: aspartame does not cause Continue Reading

The Benefits of Having a Variety of Low-Sugar or Sugar-Free Foods

Cutting calories does not require you to eat the same boring foods every day. In fact, doing so will probably hinder your diet success, because your food cravings are not being satisfied. One dietary hurdle that many healthy eaters find the most challenging is curbing a sweet tooth. Fortunately, there are many options for sweet Continue Reading