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Dieting During the Holidays- Eat Breakfast

While you might think it makes sense to save up calories for the big meal, experts say eating a small meal in the morning can give you more control over your appetite. Start your day with a small but satisfying breakfast — such as an egg with a slice of whole-wheat toast, or a bowl Continue Reading

Myth Buster: Eat Only When You’re Hungry

We’ve all heard that you should only eat when you’re hungry. “Listen to your body’s natural cues,” they say! But the problem is that once you feel those hunger pangs, it is already too late. If you wait until you feel famished, you may make bad choices on the foods you eat, either in type Continue Reading

Do You Love Fruit?

To get an extra fruit serving in the morning, top a medium pancake with applesauce or add some berries to cereal.

Make Sure you Have Time for Breakfast!

It’s true–breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  If you feel you just can’t eat in the morning, try a piece of fruit with a serving of yogurt, skim milk, or low-fat cheese.  Even a little nutrition is better than none at all!