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New Study: Sucralose Can Help Type 2 Diabetics

Enjoying desserts as part of a healthy diet can be challenging for people with diabetes, especially in the summertime and around holidays when there are cupcakes, ice cream and pies galore!  But new research published this week in The Review of Diabetic Studies suggests that some desserts made with added fiber and sucralose (a no calorie sweetener), instead Continue Reading

Healthy Valentine’s Day ideas for your sugar!

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day meal ideas that won’t break your diet, leaving you feeling sluggish and stuffed? We have tons of recipes on the blog. Below is a list of some of our favorites for Valentine’s Day. Also visit our Pinterest board for even more ideas! Simple salmon in parchment Grilled pork loin Continue Reading

Lighten Up Your Party Fare This Football Season

It’s that time of the year again! Football season is starting and if you’re like us, you love hosting football parties at your house or tailgating before the game. But what if you’re trying to avoid all those heavy, fatty snacks? Let’s face it- when you think football, you think food. And that food usually Continue Reading