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Does Diet Soda Really Help with Weight Loss and Diabetes?

It feels like every month, some new study is out about diet soda and low calorie sweeteners. The question is, does diet soda really help with weight loss and diabetes? There are plenty of quality studies out there showing how people have used diet soda and low calorie sweeteners as a tool for controlling weight and diabetes. Continue Reading

American Companies Pledge to Reduce Beverage Calories by 2025

Great news for anyone watching their weight! American beverage companies announced this week they have partnered with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, (founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation) to fight against the ongoing obesity epidemic. They have set a goal to reduce beverage calories consumed per person nationally 20% by 2025. Former President Bill Clinton Continue Reading

Study Shows Successful Weight Loss Maintainers Use Sweeteners

A new study recently published in the journal Obesity provides further evidence that low-calorie sweetened beverages can be useful for people who want to achieve and maintain a lower weight. A team of researchers recently collected new data from 434 participants in the landmark National Weight Control Registry. These are people who have successfully achieved and maintained Continue Reading

New Study Confirms Diet Drinks CAN Help People Lose Weight

There have been so many confusing headlines out there lately about diet drinks and artificial sweeteners, it’s hard to know what’s based on sound science and what’s being sensationalized. For example a study promoted in March resulted in crazy headlines like “Diet Soda May Increase Your Risk of Stroke” and “Diet soft drinks ‘linked’ to heart attacks,” but the Continue Reading

Four Tips to Snack Smart at the Movie Theater

Summer blockbusters are just around the corner and all those treats at the cinema can be tempting. Movie theaters are making it easier to snack smart by offering more options and healthier alternatives. Below are four tips to keep you from busting your diet while taking in a blockbuster. Photo courtesy Flickr user Kathleen Cavalaro Cut Out Continue Reading