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The Dr. Oz Show Still Fear Mongering Over Sweeteners

Low-calorie sweeteners do not cause food cravings or weight gain. How many times can The Dr. Oz Show beat this faulty drum? Today, they tried to scare the public over sweeteners and assert that they not only “trick” your taste buds, your brain and your stomach, but also cause you to crave food and cause Continue Reading

The Dr. Oz Show Misinterprets the Science on Diet Soda…Again

Today’s segment of The Dr. Oz Show claimed diet soda and low calorie sweeteners cause weight gain and cravings. But that’s just not what the facts show. Dozens of studies have demonstrated that low-calorie sweeteners can be useful tools for lowering and/or maintaining body weight and the show chose to ignore the large body of robust Continue Reading

The Dr. Oz Show Wrong About Low Calorie Sweeteners & Weight Gain

I watched in disbelief earlier today as The Dr. Oz Show ran a segment claiming low calorie sweeteners actually caused weight gain. Huh?! Replacing a beverage or dessert with one that has less sugar and calories is actually going to make me gain weight? It just didn’t make sense. So I asked Robyn Flipse, a registered dietitian Continue Reading