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Winter Equals Indoor Exercise

Winter is hard for everyone. Unless you absolutely love cold weather, which is not me, then exercising is not on the top of my list of things do during the winter months. If you want to brave the elements, then I suggest checking out these tips. For the rest of us here, are simple exercises Continue Reading

Reboot Your Exercise Habits This Fall

The air is starting to resemble Fall for many of us and with that comes some of the greatest things in life: football, sweaters, boots, leaves changing and so on. With the cooler wind also comes a sense of a fresh start. This is the perfect time to revamp and reboot your exercise routine.

Are You Ready to Change Your Lifestyle?

There are many things you can do to give your body a boost. Diet and exercise are of course key parts of your regimen, but your attitude should take a starring role. Complacency is the Enemy Restrictive diets are difficult to maintain and it can be easy to slip back into old habits when we Continue Reading

Stuck in an Exercise Rut? Try a New Activity and Spice Up Your Cardio Workouts!

In order to work towards and maintain good health, we should participate in some type of cardiovascular activity. Cardiovascular exercise is very important to improving health and also losing weight, so it should be a part of your weekly exercise routine. It not only works and strengthens your cardiovascular system (heart, lungs, circulation, etc.), but Continue Reading

6 Tips to Get Motivated to Exercise This Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching and it can be tough to find the motivation to make exercise a priority. We all want to go out for drinks after work and hang with friends over dinner, instead of hitting the gym. And sometimes, after a stressful day, we just want to lay on the couch and binge Continue Reading