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Learning to Live 100% Fad Free and Healthy

A new study is in the news today and it suggests that the type of weight loss diet doesn’t matter as much as your dedication. A Canadian team studies data from over 7,000 overweight dieters and had this to say: “Our findings should be reassuring to clinicians and the public that there is no need for Continue Reading

6 Mistakes Healthy People Make

Eating right, exercising and going to the doctor regularly are all habits of healthy people. So all this (and reading my blog 😉 ) means you’re in tip-top shape, right? Not so fast—many people have habits that can put them at risk for illness or injury down the road. Read on to learn about these common Continue Reading

7 Tips for a Healthy and Delicious 4th of July

In a week, the United States will celebrate it’s 237th birthday. Independence Day is a time to honor American liberties and traditions. It’s also a chance to relax in the backyard, catch a concert, take in a parade or festival, and of course watch an amazing display of fireworks. Chances are you’ll share a meal Continue Reading

Eat your vitamins!

You hear a lot about vitamins and minerals online, in magazines and TV. Especially if you’re trying to lose weight or even just eat healthier. Vitamins are a group of substances that are essential for normal cell function, growth, and development. The best way to get all the daily vitamins you need is to eat Continue Reading

Healthy Valentine’s Day ideas for your sugar!

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day meal ideas that won’t break your diet, leaving you feeling sluggish and stuffed? We have tons of recipes on the blog. Below is a list of some of our favorites for Valentine’s Day. Also visit our Pinterest board for even more ideas! Simple salmon in parchment Grilled pork loin Continue Reading