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Healthy Halloween Tips and Kid-Friendly Recipes!

I recently had a reader ask, “How can I avoid Halloween weight gain without missing out on the fun?”  It’s a question I’ve asked myself every October. Between holiday parties and baskets filled with high-calorie sweets, it’s little surprise the number on the scale tends to rise through late October and into the winter holidays. Continue Reading

Cooking Tips for Mom: Fast & Healthy Dinner Ideas for the Whole Family

Eating right can be a challenge for any family, but healthy meals are essential to teaching good eating habits for a lifetime. Cooking at home doesn’t need to be time consuming, so skip the fast food and whip together something delicious and good for you tonight. In this video, you can learn a recipe for a fast Continue Reading

Avoid Eating Like a Linebacker This Super Bowl Sunday

Every year, Americans happily gather at parties for Super Bowl Sunday to eat, drink and watch football history be made. Unfortunately, aside from taking in the big game, they’re also taking in some really big calories. As Super Bowl viewership has grown over the years, so have Super Bowl Parties. In that spirit, the Calorie Continue Reading