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Research Shows Low-Calorie Sweetener Consumers Live Healthier Lives!

If you are one of the many people using low calorie sweeteners in your food and beverages, then you’re in good company! New research shows that consumers of no, low and reduced-calorie sweeteners eat better and are more physically active. The study indicated that low-calorie sweetener consumers not only had a better quality diet, but Continue Reading

Cranberry Relish Without All the Calories

What ingredient on your holiday menu grows in sandy bogs and marshes, was once used as a medicine to draw the poison out of arrow wounds and helped sailors prevent scurvy on long sea voyages? If you’re serving cranberry sauce with your Thanksgiving turkey look no further for the answer. Whether you prefer jellied or Continue Reading

Lighten Up Your Party Fare This Football Season

It’s that time of the year again! Football season is starting and if you’re like us, you love hosting football parties at your house or tailgating before the game. But what if you’re trying to avoid all those heavy, fatty snacks? Let’s face it- when you think football, you think food. And that food usually Continue Reading

Already Switched to Diet Soda? Consider These Dieting Tips Too!

What you eat plays a large role in your body weight and overall health. That’s why so many people look to different diet plans to help them lose weight and get on track toward better health and fitness. With the right tools, a diet can help people learn how to make healthy food choices, (including those lower in Continue Reading