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Simmer Some Holiday Spices in Masala Chai (Recipe)

The biggest competition on Thanksgiving Day doesn’t happen on a football field for me. Instead it’s a battle between the spices taking over my kitchen. The heady bouquet of sage and thyme takes an early lead in the day, but the intoxicating aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg always wins when it’s over. Now I’ve discovered Continue Reading

The Optimal Snack Equation

When choosing a snack, try to hit the nutritional targets below:  About 200 calories: Enough to satisfy your hunger, but not enough to take you off track. At least 3 grams of fiber: Fiber is digested slowly and helps sustain your energy. It also absorbs water and expands in your stomach to keep you full. Continue Reading

Lighten Up Your Party Fare This Football Season

It’s that time of the year again! Football season is starting and if you’re like us, you love hosting football parties at your house or tailgating before the game. But what if you’re trying to avoid all those heavy, fatty snacks? Let’s face it- when you think football, you think food. And that food usually Continue Reading

Replace Oil With Applesauce… Check it Out!

Replace oil with applesauce to make a lower-fat, heart-healthy recipe.  (One cup of unsweetened applesauce may replace 1 cup of oil).

To Get More Tips on Weight Loss and Calorie Control, Check Out the Resources Below

Weight loss is best achieved through changes to your lifestyle that you can sustain. Following a low-calorie diet by substituting nutritious alternatives for high-calorie foods can help you feel healthier and trim excess pounds. Take a look at the resources below for more information. Helpful information about aspartame and other sugar substitutes from the American Diabetes Association. Continue Reading