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The Dr. Oz Show Misinterprets the Science on Diet Soda…Again

Today’s segment of The Dr. Oz Show claimed diet soda and low calorie sweeteners cause weight gain and cravings. But that’s just not what the facts show. Dozens of studies have demonstrated that low-calorie sweeteners can be useful tools for lowering and/or maintaining body weight and the show chose to ignore the large body of robust Continue Reading

Yet Another Scary “Report” about Sweeteners with No Evidence to Back it Up

Today an opinion article published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism claimed to review “surprising evidence on the negative impact of artificial sweeteners.” But what’s really surprising, especially for a scientific journal, was the lack of  sound data to back up the author’s highly speculative assertions. The author ignores a large body of robust scientific research that demonstrates the Continue Reading

“Bad” Foods That are Actually Good for You!

You’ve given up your favorite candy bar, favorite fast food restaurant and many of your favorite meals. Trying to lose weight and being on a “diet” is no fun, right? Wrong! Once you learn that it’s not about being on a diet but rather learning to live a healthier lifestyle you’ll come to realize you Continue Reading

Myth Buster: Eating Late Causes Weight Gain

Don’t eat after 7pm. We’ve all heard that rule while dieting, but does it really work? Well, it may, but not in the way you think. We’ve all been here: You start your day off right with scrambled eggs, steamed veggies, a few strawberries and a conviction that you will eat healthy all day. Lunch is Continue Reading

Myth Buster: Diet sodas don’t cause weight gain

If you think about it, the myth that diet sodas cause weight gain doesn’t make much sense at all. Something that does not have calories cannot contribute to weight gain. Cutting 150 calories a day from your diet by using light products such as diet soda, light yogurt, low-calorie sweeteners, etc., can help you lose up to Continue Reading