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Could a Switch to Low Calorie Sweeteners Help Hispanics Lose Weight?

In the U.S., Hispanics are facing a growing problem with weight and obesity. This is a topic that hits home for me because I’m Hispanic. For many people, replacing added sugars in beverages and foods with low calorie sweeteners is the first step in the fight to lose weight. In her recent blog post, registered dietitian Sylvia Continue Reading

6 Tips to Shed Stress and Help You Shed the Pounds

Apparently April was stress awareness month and I was too busy to even realize it! While stress is a normal part of life, if you are dealing with chronic stress it can begin to affect your physical and emotional well-being. Studies have shown stress can lead to weight gain and poor food choices. Fight or flight…or chow Continue Reading

Why “Perfection” Isn’t Necessary

At the beginning of the New Year it’s not surprising to see a barrage of messages like: “Lose 10 Pounds Fast;”  “Kiss Cellulite Goodbye;” “Get Stronger, Leaner, Faster.” I don’t know about you, but they usually leave me feeling like there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way I am. It’s become a cultural norm to inundate Continue Reading

Yet Another Scary “Report” about Sweeteners with No Evidence to Back it Up

Today an opinion article published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism claimed to review “surprising evidence on the negative impact of artificial sweeteners.” But what’s really surprising, especially for a scientific journal, was the lack of  sound data to back up the author’s highly speculative assertions. The author ignores a large body of robust scientific research that demonstrates the Continue Reading

6 Mistakes Healthy People Make

Eating right, exercising and going to the doctor regularly are all habits of healthy people. So all this (and reading my blog 😉 ) means you’re in tip-top shape, right? Not so fast—many people have habits that can put them at risk for illness or injury down the road. Read on to learn about these common Continue Reading