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Beat Winter Fatigue

If you feel like hibernating, we can blame it on the earth’s tilt. The winter solstice is that point when the earth is tilted away from the sun at its most extreme angle. The winter solstice occurs on December 21, meaning that it is our shortest day of the year. Short days bring feelings of Continue Reading

Helpful Tips for Enjoying Healthy Holiday Parties

The holiday season is in full swing and that means your schedule is probably full of holiday parties and dinners from now through the end of the year. Whether you’re a guest or the host you no doubt want to enjoy delicious food and specialties of the holiday season, but you likely also want to Continue Reading

How Empowerment Can Change Your Diabetes Habits, Health, and Happiness

If you (or someone you love) are living with diabetes, you are well aware that it brings many challenges to your daily life. Regardless of your age or the type of diabetes you have, there are multiple factors to juggle every single day. Out of all these factors, I think the “fear factor” is the Continue Reading

Tips for Staying on a Healthy Track through the Holiday Season

The holidays have a way of sneaking up on you, don’t they? You may have some baking planned, and also some fancy meals in the works. Using these eight tips as a guide, sit down and write up a quick strategy to surviving the holidays with healthy meals, exercise, downtime, and a good night’s sleep.

3 Ways to Beat Fall Weight Gain

November is here and that means fall is in full swing with winter not too far behind. You know what that means? The start of hibernation season. Shorter days, cooler temps, and the abundance of food-related events (think football tailgating parties and the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s) leads to increased calorie intake Continue Reading