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New Study: Low-Calorie Sweeteners Don’t Cause Sweet Cravings

Great news for anyone who uses low-calorie sweeteners like sucralose, aka Splenda, to cut down on daily sugar consumption! New research confirms sweeteners do not cause you to crave more sweet tasting foods in your diet! Conducted at the Sensory Evaluation Center at Penn State, the study found that low-calorie sweeteners didn’t have greater sweet sensations, Continue Reading

The Facts on Low-Calorie Sugar Substitutes

A new infograph has been making the rounds and when I saw it I was so excited! It covers all the bases when it comes to low-calorie sugar substitutes and outlines the facts on how artificial sweeteners can be an effective tool in weight management. The research in the infograph below was recently presented by Professor Adam Drewnowski Continue Reading

Despite All the Evidence, CSPI Reverses Position on Sucralose

I received quite a surprise in my email inbox today! To my disappointment,  I saw The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) recently announced that after years of confirming the safety of sucralose (also known as Splenda), one study from an Italian organization has gotten them to reverse their decision. One study against Continue Reading

All about All-Natural Stevia

So you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Stevia lately, a new zero calorie sweetener that’s becoming pretty popular. Earlier this month we talked about the difference between stevia extract and stevia whole leaves. But is it a safe alternative to other low-cal sweeteners? The word “stevia” refers to the entire plant and its components, Continue Reading

Robyn Flipse, Registered Dietitian, Discusses Aspartame’s Safety in Response to Recent Flawed Study

Registered dietitian, Robyn Flipse, is tired of all the confusion over whether aspartame and other low-calorie sweeteners are a friend or foe to those trying to control calories and lose weight. In her latest article on Yahoo! Shine, she addresses the recent coverage of an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) study that prematurely portrayed aspartame as harmful -and Continue Reading