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New Study Finds Sucralose has Same Effect as Water on Blood Glucose

Good news for diabetics! New research supports something we’ve known for a while now- the artificial sweeteners acesulfame potassium and sucralose have no effect on blood glucose and insulin levels. Additionally, the study found that neither of the no-calorie sweeteners have an effect on how quickly the stomach empties. The study, which was led by Tongzhi Wu, Continue Reading

The Facts on Low-Calorie Sugar Substitutes

A new infograph has been making the rounds and when I saw it I was so excited! It covers all the bases when it comes to low-calorie sugar substitutes and outlines the facts on how artificial sweeteners can be an effective tool in weight management. The research in the infograph below was recently presented by Professor Adam Drewnowski Continue Reading

6 Mistakes Healthy People Make

Eating right, exercising and going to the doctor regularly are all habits of healthy people. So all this (and reading my blog 😉 ) means you’re in tip-top shape, right? Not so fast—many people have habits that can put them at risk for illness or injury down the road. Read on to learn about these common Continue Reading

Top 5 Trends in Dieting and Healthy Eating in 2013

A we move into the warmer weather of Spring, many people are renewing their commitment to their New Year’s resolutions or just starting to think about changing their diet and exercise habits. Although the rate of obesity in the US have leveled off, many people still have pounds to shed. As “metabolic syndrome” works its way into Americans’ Continue Reading

Top Medical Organizations Supports the Use of Low-Calorie Sweeteners

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has confirmed what we at The Skinny on Low Cal already knew- using low calorie sweeteners in beverages and other foods has the potential to help people reach and maintain a healthy body weight and is helpful for glucose control for people with diabetes. The Continue Reading